We originally setup our site with GoDaddy.com, a sponsor of many popular podcasts. Within 2 days, however, we had had enough of GoDaddy’s lack of support for MovableType and decided to move on. Having only lost a month’s worth of hosting fees, we switched over to Bluehost.com and began to build the site from the ground up. This time we faced tremendous support and help from the staff of our Host. We officially opened GeekiNtertainment.com on June 28th, serving our first podcast episode on launch day. By the end of the month we had 170 unique visitors, and served up 2.18 gigs of data.Within a few days we had switched domain names in an effort to make the site name easier to name and spell. Geekshow.us was born as the new home for the GeekiNtertainment podcast.

For the next several months, we saw our visitors double or triple each month. Each time we saw the growth numbers of the site, we were astonished. In August of 2005, we did something that would redefine our goals, our success, and eventually our entire project. We launched The Buffy “BuffCast”. That Podcast would begin by doubling any previous podcast’s activity within one week, and each episode would go on to transfer over 15 times the bandwidth as our GeekiNtertainment episodes. With this success, we quickly had to relocate our new episodes to another server so that we did not run our bandwidth bill through the roof.

Near the end of August, we began using the Libsyn service. This service offered us unlimited bandwidth for a small fee each month. A real life saver. With the enormous success came a tiresome schedule trying to work both shows into an already crowded lifestyle for the hosts. In November of 2005, we took a hiatus to rest, work on a new site design, and to re-work how the shows were going to run. With great pleasure, we finally managed to re-launch in February with a new site design, a new show schedule, and a new Podcast – The AngelCast.

In 2006, we welcomed a couple new members to our podcast family. Scott and Ben brought their podcasts (Two Geeks and MeteorGEEK!) to the site. We also collaborated on some few and far between episodes, coining the phrase, “Geekshow Teamup”. 2007 was the first year without the Buffcast. It was also a rough year, with several breaks due to lack of time, moving, etc. But we also introduced True Believers, and announced a podcast series to be released early in 2008.

Also in 2008, we saw the release of Geek By Night. The audio drama was the first of it’s kind for the site. It presented a different entertainment choice for our readers. The year saw a re-focusing of Geekshow.us into more of a general community. While the podcasts were still present, and constantly growing, we put more of a focus on the articles and discussions on the site. The work we began during the year culminated into the launch of a new theme in December, which present readers with a name change for the site. Geekshow Entertainment was a concept born from our new focus.

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