About Us

Geekshow.us is a website built around the idea of a “Podcast Community”. Podcasts are audio talk shows, in which we cover a variety of topics mostly related to geek interests. The community aspect of the website comes from two things. First, our posts are done by multiple teams of podcasters, coming together to do work together on their hobby. Secondly, all of our podcasts encourage listener interaction. We encourage everyone to leave comments on our site, or for a more interactive environment, come over to our forums.

We currently have 4 podcasters on our site that work together on creating several shows. Below, you will find information on the faces behind the show:

Randy McKinney (Saberj)

Randy is a person that keeps about 20 times as many hobbies as he has time for. Movies, television, and video games are amongst his top hobbies, which is why we are all here. He especially loves his Xbox 360, and keeps a library of titles for the console that is far too large.

In October of 2006, Randy received his Associate Degree of Science in Travel and Tourism. Another top hobby is traveling, and discussing those travels, which leads to the reasoning behind the degree. He hopes to eventually get a job in his field as a travel agent, helping people book their dream vacations.

He has been married since May of 2003. His wife works at a local theater, which assists them in their hobby of movie watching. He is currently living in Lexington Kentucky, working full time, and trying to devote as much time to the podcasts and this site as possible.

Shows: GeekiNtertainment, The BuffCast, Angel Investigations

Other: Site Designer

Wayne Porter (Freak_Zombie)

Wayne likes to think of himself as the comic relief for the shows he is on but usually just ends up being the village idiot.  He never takes anything too seriously and sometimes even laughs in the face of danger (then he hides till it goes away).  His views on the world of entertainment is quite geeky, but not the over the top, fan-boy level of geeky.  You won’t find a slew of Star Wars figures and models around his place because his wife would never allow it.

Being married to a geeky woman allows Wayne to partake in many of life’s most exciting moments like: Movies, TV Shows, and SciFi Conventions (if they can ever afford one).  After meeting his wife back in October of 2006, Wayne has shown up for almost every recording of the podcasts.  Randy says that “Jess is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

As of January 2007, Wayne works as a Computer Repair Technician at the local Computer Renaissance.  He’s done web design, java/php programming, Photoshop, and quite a few other computer and web related things most of his life.  The initial design for Geekshow.us was designed by him, but rest assured that he is no longer the designer (the first design was hideous).

Wayne also likes to use parenthesis a lot (see?  He really does).

Shows: GeekiNtertainment, The BuffCast, Angel Investigations

Scott Carelli (TheDoctor)

Scott is a huge comic book geek who can talk for hours on end about them (as well as a slew of other topics as you may have figured out by now). He loves too many TV series and has a very hard time keeping up with them. He currently lives in Columbus, IN. Scott loves podcasting, and can barely remember what life was like without it.

Shows: Two Geeks, MeteorGEEK!, True Believers

Other: Geek by Night creator