Apple Implodes at MacWorld SF ’09

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Okay, so it didn’t implode, but Apple definitely leaves its last MacWorld with a wimper rather than a bang.

At the Phil Schiller-presented keynote Apple announced changes to iTunes, iLife, iWork, and new 17″ MacBook Pros.

iLife ’09 – Updates to iPhoto include 2 new sorting options (Faces & Places), Facebook-like tagging, support for uploading directly to Facebook & Flickr, Slideshow themes and more Travel Book themes.

Garage Band has 9 free guitar and piano lessons. Also offering $4.99 Artist Lessons featuring John Fogerty, Sting, Nora Jones, Patrick Stump & Sarah McLaughlan. Garage Band – More like Rock Band.

iWork ’09 – New transitions for Keynote. A Keynote App called Keynote Remote that allows the user to view and control slides from their iPhone or iPod Touch. New features for Numbers were also announced.

Also new subscription-based was revealed. This Google Docs-like feature is in beta. Users of iWork ’09 can choose to upload copies of any iWork-compatible document directly to They can then share it with any number of people, and each person gets a unique URL-link in which to edit the document, in either a current web browser or as a downloaded iWork document, MS Office document or PDF.

17″ MacBook Pro – Starting at $2799, these new aluminum enclosed laptops offer up to 8GB RAM (4GB included), 2.66GHz, and a new non-removable 8-hour battery.

iTunes – New flex price points: $.69, $.99, & $1.29. 8 million songs & music videos are DRM-free as of today with all 10 million by the end of the quarter.

iTunes song are now available for download over the 3G network. Same price, same quality.

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