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Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Hi Geeks, Hayley here.

Just wanted to share a bit of news with you all…all two of you who probably still check this site. Recently, I’ve picked back up where I left off with ‘Have You Met Ted?’ the podcast I do about the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. This has been fantastic and I have absolutely loved it. Rest assured, the show is continuing and not stopping. However, after recently trying to post the latest episode I discovered that Geekshow as a site had become inactive to the point of needing to have its hosting renewed. After some discussion with Thomas, I’ve renewed the hosting and can thus continue with the podcast as normal.

Since that means technically Geekshow is under my control as such, I’m feeling a little bit dubious about the whole thing. I love this site and have been visiting it since Randy and Wayne did the Buffcast. Who would have thought someone with the screen name ‘AussieSlayerette’ would like a podcast about Buffy ;-).

So I take the responsibility pretty seriously as I view this site as having a wonderful geeky legacy of which I am fortunate to be a part of. But realistically, the site needs a lot of work. In its current condition it is far from its former glory so the saying goes.

My plan for the future for the site is to get it back to a workable place. The biggest roadblock of course is that my technical knowledge of how to do that is very limited but rest assured I am learning and have some help from good friends who know more about it than me! So over time, expect to see the look (and hopefully feel) of the site to change a little for the better. Thus far I’ve managed to get rid of a lot of the spammy comments and have a plan to include some new content on a more regular basis, including a new podcast called simply ‘The Geek Show’.

I hope you will bear with me thru the changes and will continue to engage with the community here. With great power comes great responsibility geeks and I definitely want to use my newfound power for the good of the site.

Stay geeky!


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