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Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Ever wanted to have your own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot? If you have a Nokia or Samsung phone then this piece of software may meet your needs.

A few months ago while reading a tech magazine I read a short review of a phone application called JoikuSpot. It boasted that it could use a phones inbuilt Wi-Fi and internet access to create a local Wi-Fi network that any user could access. I am a big user of the internet away my home network and I  have several devices that have Wi-Fi but need a network to access the internet. This software looked to be just what I needed.

The software is designed primarily for phones running the Symbian S60 3rd Edition operating system, which are typically most Nokia and some Samsung phones. It is available as a free basic version (with some limitations) or $20 for the Premium fully featured license. Ideally you need an unlimited 3G internet access package for your phone (or at least a good high monthly GB usage to avoid big bills). The software can be downloaded from the site or a link sent directly to your phone to allow you to download it directly.

JoikuSpot ScreenshotThe installation process is painless and once you open the application you can enter the Settings option to configure your own Wi-Fi hot spot. You can change the name from the default ‘JoikuSpot’ and set up encryption via the inbuilt WEP protocol (a must to avoid passing strangers swiping your bandwidth).

Once configured simply Start the application and select your Internet connection option and after a few moments your phone will magically become a Wi-Fi hotspot. As you connect devices to the hotspot, the MAC code & device ID will appear on the phones screen identifying what device is connected so you can monitor for any unlawful access.  A status tab will allow you to monitor how long you are connected and the amount of data transferred.

JoikuSpot ScreenshotI have so far used this with my macbook, windows laptop and my iPod Touch and all have connected without any issues and provided reliable, fast internet access. It has also proved useful to allow access to friends and family when travelling with multiple users all connecting and the software handling this without any issues.

The only downside I’ve found with the application is that it loves power. My battery life suffers terribly, with my Nokia N95 struggling to operate more than 90-120 minutes during high usage. Still, this is more than enough for accessing a few sites and keeping up to speed with the latest on!

If you have the right kit and would like to try this you can find it here. I hope the developers are working on similar applications for other operating systems because this would be a neat feature for all phones to have.

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