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May 18th, 2006

Rise of Legends Review (PC)

Rise of Nations was a game I never played, and in fact never really heard much about. However, I checked out the trailer for Rise of Legends after a friend recommended it, and eventually grabbed the demos for it. From those few things alone, I decided to grab a retail copy of the game the moment it came out. Now, it’s important to note that I am a major fan of playing games with friends. Any chance I get to play competitively or cooperatively with a friend, I’ll do so. So that gave a lot of power to the idea of picking this game up. It wasn’t so much that I was floored by what I saw in the demo.

Rise of Legends, for those that are not aware, is an RTS sequel to 2003’s Rise of Nations. The two games share a similar name, some similar game engine concepts, and…. well that’s about it. Rise of Nations was a very realistic RTS game. Rise of Legends is an amazingly imaginative piece of work. Where rise of nations stuck to a set of “Nations” that players could choose between, Rise of Legends instead offers 3 very distinct races to choose from.

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